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Full of Portuguese architectural heritage, the old town spends 48 hours in Macau, traveling to the island where the small alleys and the huge casino coexist. Sometimes trendy. Sometimes like a local.

Written by Go Hyun, Photo

DAY 1 -Macau Peninsula

From the morning plaza to the landmark

Just as the square is located in most cities, there is a Largo Do Senado in the middle of the Macau Peninsula. The slender triangle -shaped plaza has a wave -patterned tiled kalsada on the floor during Portugal’s occupation of Macau, and travelers and locals go between them. Following this, 30 UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites are scattered north -south, forming the center of the Macau Station of Macau. In addition, the plaza is considered the starting point for exploring the Macau history district because of the souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants in every alley.

Except for winter, Macau is a hot year -round macau. Let’s start the journey at Senado Square in the morning, which is relatively hot and crowded. At least one day is needed to look back at all UNESCO Cultural Heritage in the historical district. This is because most of the roads that connect between each building are not easy to access taxi or buses, so you have to walk on foot. Therefore, it is the wisest way to travel to the area to set up a favorite area.

The north side of Senado Square is the perfect course for the beginners because of the representative cultural heritage. First, after entering the St. Dominic ’s church at the north end of the plaza, you will wait in the narrow alley. This two -story house, built by local Chinese columnar Lou Wa SIO in 1889, is exquisitely mixed with southern European style and Chinese Qing Dynasty. The courtyard is also impressive, creating a more cozy atmosphere, and delicately traces of birds and flower sculptures throughout the room, including walls and doors.

Most travelers wandering around the square eventually gather together. Ruins of St. Paul ’s, the symbol of Macau history district. At the end of the alley under the stairs, when the outline is shown, I think of a magnificent wind, but when I get closer, I find that only one front facade is placed. Built in the early 17th century, it was used by the Portuguese military forces, and it was lost in the mid -19th century except for the front. Isn’t it the reason why the current figure that gives a strong and intense impression as a landmark of Macau?

+ Low Cow Mansion Free, Weekend Guide Tour Operation (Pre -Reservation Mandatory, +853 6234 6441), Travessa da Sé.

+ St. Paul Cathedral Free (including museum), Travessa de São Paulo.

+ Breakfast Snacks around Senado Square

Senado is a snacking paradise around the square. The three distances with the low cow mansion are formed with skewers, and the Travessa da São Domingos, which is located just below, has a cafe where you can taste milk pudding, Jeonju age tea and seradura. It is located. In addition, Rua de São Paulo, heading to the ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, can be tasted at a store selling beef jerky and peanut cookies.

Afternoon New Wave Art

The Monte Fortress, which is in contact with the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, is a branch point. Most of the visitors who take out the camera in front of the cathedral and leave a certification shot returns down the stairs, and only part of them climb the Monte fortress. From the ruins of St. Paul to the Grand Lisboa Hotel, which crosses the river, Zhuhai, a Chinese territory, and a rugged flame. It’s a pity to just pass this wonderful observatory overlooking the panoramic view of the Macau Peninsula. In addition, you can walk around the fortress and take a relaxed afternoon while looking back at the Museu de Macau, which is a total of macau history. If you are a more curious traveler, let’s take a trip to the other side of the hill.

Beyond the Monte Fortress, you can find the hidden spots of the Macau art world. Follow the Caminho Dos Artilheiros, which draws a bold “S”, to reach the St. Lazarus Church. The cathedral itself is not a big attraction, but the surroundings are really full of artistic inspiration. There is a cultural and art space where various exhibitions are held based on the Alberge SCM (Albergue SCM), which is also called the Old Ladies House. Portuguese -style old architecture naturally blends naturally over gravel roads, so I feel like walking in a small city in Europe.

The artistic energy that started around St. Lazarus Cathedral is spreading throughout the northern part of Macau. One of them is Lines Lab, which moved from the existing Old Ladies House to the Macau Design Center in the existing Old Ladies House to operate the office and shop together. It is a fashion brand run by Macau -born Portuguese Manuel CS and Clara Brito. “Macau resembles Lisbon at first, but it’s more pleasant. I’m always generous in new attempts. ” Brito adds that Lines Lab does not stay in making fashion products, but will participate in various Macau urban regeneration projects such as bench production in the square.

Ox Warehouse is also a non -profit art gallery that started at the 2003 Old Ladies House. In the past, the slaughterhouses were converted into a nice exhibition space, supporting the work of Asian young artists, including Macau and Hong Kong. From the end of the week, we will display the crafts of Lee Ki -ho in Korea.

+ Albert SCM free, 12 am ~~7pm, No. 8, Calçada da Igreja de S. lázaro

+ Lines Lab 5 Travessa da Fabrica, Lineslab.com

+ Oxware House Free, 87-97 av. Do Cal. Mesquita, oxwarehouse.blogspot.sg

+ Lunch Myanmasik Noodles

In St. Lazarus Cathedral, the Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, which is located in Mong-HA, where the Macau Design Center is located, is a market used by local Macau. There are several restaurants operated by other Chinese -Chinese, such as Myanmar and Indonesia. Chat YIN at the east end of the market is a Myanmasik noodle dish cooked with beef and coconut curry chicken. . 23 Pataka, 1 Rua de Bras da Rosa.

How to enjoy the evening hotel

Macau is a new hotel in Macau, but the choice is not yet wide. Excluding Cotai Strip and Casino Hotel in the center of the Macau Peninsula, except for candidates. Of course, it is also possible to spend elegant nights in POUSADA (Portugal -style lodging) in the old Portuguese mansion, but it is not suitable for short -term travelers because there are many places where traffic is inconvenient. In this case, Mandarin Oriental (Macau) is a great alternative, located near Lago Nam Van, southeast of Macau Peninsula. It is the only five -star hotel with no casino facilities in Macau. Instead, it is a place where you can relax calmly compared to hotels that are external visitors in each lobby. It is also good to move 슬롯나라 to the southern end of Macau through the Perry Terminal and the History District, as well as the adjacent Macau-Tipa Bridge.

If you stay at Mandarin Oriental, I recommend you to get a late afternoon spa treatment. When you enter a spa floor that uses the entire 4th floor of the hotel, first chooses the oil that suits your taste, and then checks the massage strength at each body. Afterwards, you can relieve fatigue over the day while using Steam Shower, Zakuji, and Sauna facilities. At some point, when the delicate massage of the Ceremony begins in earnest, he falls into a sleep and regains clear energy. If you take a break from a good view, it’s a gold prize.

The day in Macau is not over yet. After completing the spa and dinner in Mandarin Oriental, go to the MGM Macau Hotel after passing the shopping arcade one central from the lobby on the first floor. You can enjoy shopping or casinos until late, and Grand Prasa, a Joana Vasconcelos exhibition, will be curious. Bath Connellus is an artist from Portugal who is attracting attention as an installation artist who combines everyday objects tactfully. The installation of the Valkyrie Octopus, which she introduced this time, is a combination of a combination of a giant octopus and aquarium, inspired by the traditional Portuguese patterns. “Basconcellus worked for a year for this work in Lisbon. It’s a large project with 50 architects, sewing and engineers, as well as her. ” Cyntahian Ruan steps through the process of producing a work that fills the three -story exhibition space. Grand Prasa, where the exhibition is held, can be entered 24 hours a day, and if you find it in the evening of lighting, you can meet a more dreamy octopus.

+ Mandarin Oriental Macau 2,288 Pataca (Accommodation), 1,000 Pataca (Spa), Mandarinoriental.com/macau

+ Free Joanna Bathonus Exhibition, until October 31st.

+ Dinner French Quizine

Vida Rica of Mandarin Oriental Macao is a new restaurant in the Macao -style industry, but is one of the most popular places. It presents French dishes understated under the command of Dominique Bugnand, who oversees the restaurant, and prepares a buffet in the morning and a dim sum for lunch. On the other side of the restaurant, there is a bar where you can drink a cocktail while enjoying the night view of Macau Tower. Main dish 220 Pataka.

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