Frankfurt you didn’t know

The charm pops out of Germany Frankfurt Am Main

#0 Let’s go to know

Germany, Germany, that’s Frankfurt!

When I was a college student, I studied in Germany for two semesters, and I revive the memory and record it as a record.

I think about it at that time and write in writing.

Can I live again … Frankfurt!

Frankfurt Am Main is a big city in Hessen, West Germany. It is simply called ‘frankfurt’. Here, AM MAIN means ‘next to the Mine River’, which is marked for distinguishing from ‘Frankfurt an der ODER’ located in Brandenburg (Polish border, former East Germany).

Frankfurt belongs to the five largest cities in Germany, along with Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. It is geographically located in the center of Europe and serves as the center of transportation. In fact, Frankfurt Airport is quite large, and the central train station (HAUPTBANHOF) is also overwhelmed by its large size. 10 minutes by train from Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt Central Station. It is also convenient for traffic to walk from central station to downtown.

Perhaps thanks to this geographical advantage, it is the center of finance, called the economic capital of Germany, and the European branch of Samsung, Hyundai and LG is also in Frankfurt. You can see Koreans boringly, and Korean restaurants are rare! It was also a rich city as it was the central city of West Germany. My friend living in Frankfurt says it’s hard because of the expensive room price a few days ago.

#1 Tourism


If you are Frankfurt, you can’t miss it!

December wehnachtsmarkt

It is the Christmas market!

Weih = sacred

Nacht = chestnut

Markt = Market

This course is recommended for those who visit Frankfurt in winter. In December, most of Europe’s cities will be festive, but Germany’s Christmas Market is especially rich. If you visit! Challenge Wurst (German sausage) and Glühwein (boiled wine). It’s really delicious. Thanks to the vitality and richness of the market, you will be more memorable.

The white gate is out of the way … Let’s see the picture!

Goethehaus, Goethestraße

Yes, that’s right. It is the Goethe of the sadness of young Werther. The sorrow of the virgin ‘young Werther’ was so great that people at this time were accompanied by Werther’s clothes and thus committed suicide. In fact, I don’t know deeply .. The bag strap is short. Goethehaus and Goethestraße are located in the center of the city of Frankfurt.

Interestingly, there are many Goethe shoe stores. So I recommended it as a city tour. There are luxury shops and luxury shops such 카지노 as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Miu Miu, and Jill Sander. Note that Goethe House is not on Goethe Street! For more information, go to Google!

Aroydee: Thai k ü Chee

We recommend a Thai restaurant! It’s not an advertisement. Led Aluda is my life Thai restaurant. It’s been a long time since I searched again in Frankfurt. The menu is not much different from other restaurants, but the taste and feeling of local! And Thai Eistee Milch is really amazing. It’s rich and sweet!

There are so many Thai restaurants in Germany! I was very puzzled at first. There is a reason for the history. During World War I, Germany helped the development of Thailand’s railroads without colonial rule. Since then, Germany has lost World War II and has received immigrants from various countries to fill the lack of population in Germany. Among them, he went to Germany in a large scale in Thailand. Since then, there are as many Thai people in Germany as well as Turkish, so you can find Thai restaurants as easily as Turkish Kebab.

In addition, sightseeing in the city of Frankfurt is actually enough! There are many attractions such as Römerplatz, Euro Tower, ALTE OPER Frankfurt

#2 nearby cities

Frankfurt tours are a bit lacking. We also provide information on nearby city! Germany is more fun to explore each small city, even if there is not enough fun in large cities than other countries.


Mainz is a city that is somewhat familiar to us. Park Joo -ho and Koo Ja -cheol’s team are Mainz! It is a team that is recognized in its own Bundesliga. Currently, Liverpool’s manager Klopp is a team and is a manager, and it is a small city. We’ll talk more about football later.

Mainz Dome! Mainz Cathedral is Mainz. The Mainz Dome in the center of Mainz is very big and beautiful. It is also a place that is always crowded with a lot of people because it is in front of the large plaza!

St. Stephen’s Church’s pride! In fact, it’s not known to many people, but it’s a special place for me. This is because you can see stained glass works that are also the best of Chagall in this small church. Even if you don’t know about art, you may have heard of ‘Chagall’. It is a small church where you can feel the dreamy feeling of Chagall’s work as a stained glass. It is recommended that you feel the blue light surrounding the interior of the cathedral!

In addition, there is a high -quality Gutenberg University (Yoo Si -min’s alma mater (?) In Germany’s alma museum (?) In Germany, there are many students and the entire city is very calm and good to visit!


Everybody doesn’t know the city of ‘Bisbaden’. The city is located next to Mainz and the hot spring is famous! Bizarden, who was also the Roman emperor’s resort city!

BADEN: Wash in a bath

The place where Baden enters the city name is mostly famous for hot springs! please note.

Germany is a male and female mixed water for most sulfur hot springs. It’s just their culture !! You can enjoy it casually. Since it is famous for sulfur hot springs, you can enjoy luxurious indoor saunas and outdoor open -air baths. We also sell bath products in the nearby shops, so visit!

As I mentioned earlier, Visbaden was once a Roman resort city. The whole city feels very relaxed and rich! Casino is nicely located in the middle of the city. As you can feel from the exterior, there is a dress code, as with most European casinos. Like Gangwon Land, hiking suits and sportswear are prohibited! You must wear a suit, minimum jacket or winter coat. SEMI Formal (A DRESS SHIRT and JACKET ARE Required in the Lives Area) is also guided on the official website.

The most decisive reason I recommended Visbaden! That’s because of Cafe Maldaner. It’s a Bienna -style cafe for more than 150 years. Especially the chocolate cake in the picture is really delicious. If you visit coffee time in the afternoon, it is a representative cafe in the city. For those who will visit this article, we will guide you how to order. Like a franchise cafe, I order at the counter and do not give a vibrating bell ^^ First, go to the cake corner and pick the cake you want. And you can sit down with this paper, call the waiter, give it a paper and order a drink! After a hot spring sauna, coffee time with delicious cakes in a classic space!


The city of Copble Rentz is a city where the former Cha Du -ri had a team. In fact, Copble Rentz is a city with a head of the Rhine River and Mosel River. In fact, I recommend it because of Burg Elz! Oh, if you give a short German tip here

BURG = castle

Berg = Mountain

no see! Therefore, Burg Elz = Elz Castle, Bergsteiger = Climbingist

There is a way to use a car rental for Elz Castle, but you can also use the train. Go from Frankfurt to Koblenz Station and get off at MOSELKERN Station. MOSELKERN Station is very small as you can see in the picture below. Rural train station!

It takes about an hour to walk from this train station and walk to Elz Castle in the mountains. You will walk on a rural road and a gentle mountain road. It’s a rural village, so it’s fun to see and watch, and the trails are mostly easy to walk and are not difficult. Be sure to get a certification shot in front of the castle! Germans are said to like to climb as much as Koreans.

Like a manufacturing powerhouse, climbing and outdoor brands are also German brands. The representative brand is Jack Wolfskin. It’s about Europe’s North Face. In Korea, I read it with Jack Wolf Skin! If you buy it in Germany than Korea, you can buy bags and clothes at a really low price! Of course, Adidas Puma is a German brand, but Jack Wolf Skin is more German in Germany and there are not many stores in Korea, but in Germany, you can easily find stores in Germany.

Köln, who is so famous for the philosopher’s path, and Köln, who are so wonderful for the cathedral, will be able to go over (Cologne Cologne beer!). The two cities are also so great and cool. If time is allowed, it is enough to go on a bus or train from Frankfurt Central Station.

#3 related to Korea, and cha boom!

Fußball spieler

In Germany, war, car, and football fußball !!!!

That’s why I was most excited since I was decided to study in Germany. European football is also Germany! At that time, Koo Ja -cheol, Park Joo -ho, Son Heung -min, and Kim Jin -soo were active in the Bundesliga. Luckily, I used to go to Mainz’s practice stadium and the dormitory I lived. As the female readers feel strongly, the Bundesliga story is folded for a while and certified with the picture below!

Willy Brandt Platz U-Bahn Stn. Meet Legend Cha Boom!

Korea, Germany, and Frankfurt are former director Cha Bum -geun! It is the legend of Frankfurt and the Bundesliga’s largest goal. The Frankfurt club also puts a poster of the Legends on the in the middle of Frankfurt, the in the middle of Frankfurt. Among them is the car boom! If you’re a football fan, you can’t pass it

Koreanischer Garten

Still lacking! I want to get more drunk in Korean mulberry! For those of you, we introduce the Korean Garden in Grüneburgpark, right next to Goethe University in Frankfurt. This garden is a Korean ST garden presented in Frankfurt in Korea in 2005 to commemorate the Frankfurt Book Fair. For reference, Frankfurt is also a place where many large fairs are held every year along with Cologne. Book exhibition is one of them. The fair will be held at Messe Frankfurt!

After returning, the Korean garden is also proud of Grüneburgpark. It is said that local German residents are also affectionate. The surrounding area is a quiet residential area, so the park itself is excellent, but thanks to this Korean garden, I have been more affectionate and visited many times. What kind of place do you feel?

In that sense, Germany seems to be deeply tied to Korea. ‘The German nurses are also sincere, but Korean nurses work three times harder than that.’ . Since then, there are quite a lot of warholers and international students in Europe and Frankfurt.

#4 Eating and drinking distance, beer & sausage!


For those who like beer, Germany is really like heaven. There are so many kinds of delicious beer at ridiculous prices.

It is also recommended to drink a beer with your friends in each region, or to see a sports relay with your friends in an old pub. Typical local beers include Cologne’s Cologorn, and local pubs or brewery include Mainz’s Ice Group Broie and OberselerSeler Browhaus.

Wurst & döner kebab

I talked about beer, so it’s time for sausages and kebabs.

Are you suddenly riding with water? If sausages are Korean gimbap in Germany, kebabs are about dumplings. Kebab is so common that there are kebab restaurants for each block because of Turkish food but many Turkish immigrants! The kebabs sold in Itaewon are also delicious, but they can’t follow Germany’s taste and price. Kebab is usually about 3 ~ 4 euros, and you can choose vegetables and meat according to your taste. I want to eat kebab. Classes are not comparable to selling in Itaewon …

Next is sausage. Sausage is Bratwurst in German, and it can be easily found in road street stalls or shops. My recommendation is Currywurst. Sausages and fries are generally provided together, and Curry Bullest is to sprinkle sauce and curry powder on the position. It is usually about 3 ~ 4 euros per plate. It is a salty taste that boasts a beer and fantasy. The sausages are sausages, but the fries are really delicious.

In fact, I have more to say about Germany, but I will reduce it because it keeps getting longer.

I want to go back to eat kebab

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